Gulf of Guinea Security

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has become the source of recent increased media attention, mainly due to the reported decline of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Unlike the Gulf of Aden, cargo theft is the main motivating factor for attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, with full hijack and hostage taking being based upon the opportunities present. Oxberry Risk Strategies provide Gulf of Guinea Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy services to commercial vessels transiting or operating in the region in close co-operation with host nations and through relationships with recognised shipping agents across West Africa.

The traditional (and most successful) solution to remedy piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is the use of armed vessel protection teams. However, due to the need for vessels to make passage through the territorial waters of what can sometimes be several countries, this is an impossible solution and the use of armed guards in the Gulf of Guinea can only be facilitated when either at anchor and / or drifting within the territorial waters of certain countries. We provide experienced maritime security team leaders who can be embarked prior to your vessel entering the Gulf of Guinea. Our highly trained and experienced maritime security advisors provide advice and support to the vessel Master and crew throughout, including maritime security intelligence updates, guidance and assistance with vessel hardening and supervision of locally sourced Gulf of Guinea armed guards when at anchor or drifting.

Oxberry Risk Strategies have implemented a unique and user friendly Gulf of Guinea security programme specifically for this region. The service is based upon the placement of a professional maritime security advisory team upon each client vessel for the duration of their passage and subsequent operations within the Gulf of Guinea.

Scope of Services Provided:

1. Pre-Transit Passage Risk Assessment

2. Complete crew training programme; with focus on proactive security measures

3. A complete security review, audit and vessel vulnerability assessment.

4. A complete vessel hardening programme

5. Implementation of a professional attack management plan.

6. 24/7 immediate professional security advice to the Master / OOW and Bridge team

7. Liaison with any locally authorised military units or assets.

8. Daily situation monitoring and intelligence updates

9. Direct tactical supervision of any locally authorised / hired armed guards.

10. One member of the advisory team will also be in possession of specialist trauma specific medical training

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